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We invite you to study in our online school. NETcollege offers the best standards of teaching languages developed through 30 years of work in a traditional school. You will meet your teachers at a time that is most convenient for you. A one-to-one lesson guarantees quick progress and a pace adapted to the needs and abilities of NETcollege students.
Maybe you'll start speaking English ? Maybe after our lessons you will pass the exam ? Browse through our offer and join NETcollege learners!


- Beginner A1
- Elementary A2
- Intermediate B1
- Independent User B2
- Advanced C1
- Proficiency C2



We offer professional translation in three languages – English, German and Polish. All our translated texts are consulted by native speakers, who check whether the language sounds native-like. Our prices are more than reasonable and we work fast. If our client needs to perform the speech , we offer pronunciation practice.


Step by step

1. Choose your level
2. Arrange your trial lesson
3. Send your opinion



NETcollege invited the most carefully selected teachers to cooperate. They are teachers with excellent teaching preparation and many years of experience at all levels and all over the world.


Choose the appropriate language level and write a test. Meet our teachers. Contact us at to arrange the dates of classes and other necessary details.

In our school, we will tailor the offer specifically to your needs. You will succeed with us !!!


  • You learn at home, comfortably, in silence and in a place where you feel good,
  • You do not waste time commuting, you do not stand in traffic jams,


  • Individually tailored program and dates,
  • You do not miss classes due to trips - you take NETcollege with you,
  • You can change the teacher, you can choose new goals during the class. We take care of the rest,


  • Individual classes adapt to your pace, you do not wait for others, you do not waste valuable time and money,
  • If you are diligent and really want to learn a language quickly, everything is in your hands,
  • You do not buy textbooks, the school provides all the necessary materials on the platform,