Academic Writing Clinic

Writing ability is a major factor in academic success. NETcollege offers you the opportunity to learn about the expectations of university level writing before you write your first paper.

Academic writing course is specially prepared to teach and develop formal writing skills which are required in many contexts throughout life. Academic writing does many of the things that personal writing does not: it has its own set of rules and practices. Academic writing deals with the underlying theories and follows a particular ‘tone’ and adheres to traditional conventions of punctuation, grammar, and spelling.
People who know English very well usually do write successfully in every day situations, in their personal life. Yet academic writing follows very strict rules how to organize paragraphs and texts. It is also necessary to be able to write texts analyzing abstract topics and ideas.

Our potential students are:

  • students who are required to write for academic purposes , who are writing BA or MA thesis,
  • students who are preparing for Polish Matura Exam in which writing an essay is an obligatory part,
  • high school leavers applying to universities where writing an essay is a part of the recruitment procedure,
  • university postgraduates who are beginning their scientific careers at universities and will publish in English.

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